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ArtWorks can be tailored to your particular requirements. We can arrange coverage for your:

  • Consignments
  • Estate sales
  • Goods in transit 

Coverage Highlights

Insuring an art practice is more than just protecting premises and stock against damage or theft. Markel provides seamless and flexible coverage for business exposures, as well.

Property Coverages

  • Commercial property
  • Business interruption
  • Property floaters
  • Property of a fine art nature, including paintings, pictures, etchings, tapestries, rugs, art glass windows, antique furniture, books, memorabilia, and coin and stamp collections
  • Other bona fide works of rarity, historical value or artistic merit, including jewelry, wine, and musical instruments 

Basic Fine Arts Coverage

Even our most basic coverage provides solid protection. It features:

  • Broad, all-risks coverage from the time artwork is taken by your client from the owner to the time it is returned, on a worldwide basis
  • Blanket limits on property in your care, custody, and control at scheduled locations and any other unnamed location
  • Domestic and international transits
  • No coinsurance clause 
  • Valuation clauses designed for the art industry
  • Coverage for jointly-owned works of art
  • Special clauses for "loss buy back" or "pairs and sets" 
  • Relaxed appraisal requirements

Enhanced Fine Arts Coverage

Your client may need extra or specific protection. Our policy can be enhanced in many ways to include: 

  • Fine art reference libraries
  • Furniture or fixtures of a fine arts nature
  • Waivers of subrogation
  • Earthquakes, floods, and windstorms
  • Fine arts legal liability
  • Blanket or schedule option


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